​Best Celebrity Tans

celebrity tans

Ever get curious about how celebrities always seem to look like the just got back from a tropical vacation? They usually sport awesome, bronzed to perfection color. It’s all about getting a perfect sunless tan that fools everyone around you.

Celebrities That Know How to Rock a Fake Tan

Self-tanning is more about looking fit, healthy, and getting that golden glow. While orange palms used to be an indicator of a fake tan, self-tanners have come a long way from their humble beginnings. And there’s no doubt that celebrities are at the forefront of the self-tanning revolution. Here are a few celebs who have mastered the art of the healthy tan.

Kim Kardashian

Meticulous about every aspect of her beauty routine, Kim Kardashian’s makeup, hair, and skincare regimen is over-the-top impressive. And that goes for her self-tanning routine as well. Her tip: pay attention to the part in your hair. Most people don’t even think about that area when they are self-tanning, but Kim says it makes a big difference.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson may have left her long, golden locks behind her, but not her golden skin. Cautioned by her dermatologist to limit time in the sun to 25 minutes a day, she has turned to self-tanners to maintain her color. She suggests exfoliating and making sure your skin is completely dry and free of any moisturizer or lotion before you apply your self-tanner.

Jennifer Anniston

Jennifer Anniston may have given up on tanning, but she hasn’t given up on sporting a beautiful, sun-kissed glow. She maintains her glowy complexion by drinking plenty of water and using plenty of sunscreen. And by applying self-tanner every two weeks to maintain her glow.

Heidi Klum

Although she’s admitted to enjoying sunbathing nude and going skinny dipping, Heidi Klum has also mastered the art of the believable faux tan. You too, can get a red carpet glow in the middle of winter. Apply an overnight self-tanner and you’ll wake up ready for the big event.

Tips to Get a Tan Like a Celebrity

Get inspired by these perfect celebrity tans and brush up on your tanning tips. You’ll love how easy it is to get a beautiful sunless tan like the celebrities you see on the red carpet. You may have heard these tips before, but they are worth repeating. Here’s what you can do to get a great, sun-kissed, sunless tan.

  • Exfoliate before applying sunless tanner
  • Use a mirror when applying self-tanner
  • Smooth out blotches before they dry
  • Moisturize regularly to make your sunless tan last longer
  • Use an application mitt and wash your hands immediately after applying sunless tanner

And once you’ve got that gorgeous tan going on, play around with your makeup looks to enhance it. Natural makeup looks are a no-brainer for a gorgeous tan, but a smoky eye look also looks great on tanned skin.

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