Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, our most common customer questions are answered below.

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Q: Can I swim once I have applied Selfie?

A: You should not wash, bathe, swim, shower or exercise within the development time. Once your tan has fully developed you may swim, but be cautious as salt water and chlorinated pools may result in your tan fading more quickly.

Q: Does Selfie protect me from UV exposure?

A: No. Our products do not contain a sunscreen and does not protect against sunburn. Repeated exposure of unprotected skin while tanning may increase the risk of skin aging, skin cancer and other harmful effects to the skin even if you do not burn.

Q: Is Selfie tested on animals?

A: No. All of our products are cruelty free.

Q: How long will my tan last?

A: Results may vary, but generally a Selfie tan will last between 4-10 days. This depends on your skin type, how quickly your body naturally sheds its skin cells, and how you care for it.

Q: Will I smell from using Selfie?

A: No. Each Selfie product is formulated with our patent pending fresh and clean fragrance technology that awakens your senses while leaving your skin deliciously fragrant; virtually eliminate the tell-tale self-tan aroma.

Q: Will I turn orange or get too dark?

A: No. You will not turn orange or get too dark. Our products are uniquely formulated to work with your natural skin tone so your tan develops to match that of a natural tan.

Q: Will my tan be uneven or blotchy?

A: No. As long as you properly follow our application instructions than your tan will come out flawless.

Q: What is the difference between a self tanner and gradual tanner?

A: A self tanner is a product that provides a medium to full strength shade and once applied to the skin is left to develop for a period of time. A gradual tanner is a gentle tan that can be built up to a medium to full strength shade when applied over a period of time. Our gradual tanner contains moisturizer, which is great to help prolong your tan while adding the benefit of color.

Q: Are self tanners safe?

A: Yes. Self tanning products are universally accepted as safe and effective by both the FDA and EMA (european Medicines Agency). Many organizations such as the American Academy of Dermatology, Mayo Clinic, Skin Cancer Foundation and the American Medical Association recommend self tanner over sun and tanning bed exposure. For any additional concerns, please consult a medical professional.

Q: Can Selfie be used during pregnancy?

A: Yes. All of our ingredients have no known toxicity. Selfie only works upon the uppermost layers of the skin and cannot get into the bloodstream from normal application; however, be aware that hormonal changes during pregnancy may affect the development of the tan. Do not apply to the breast area if breastfeeding.

Q: Can self tanner expire?

A: Like all cosmetics, self-tanners have a shelf life and will expire eventually. It is important to make sure you are not using products that are past their expiration date. Expired products may have lost their effectiveness and give you uneven results. Most cosmetic products have a symbol on the back that looks like an open jar. The number inside indicates the months that the product is good to use. Selfie® self tanners have an expiration date of one year.

Q: Can self tanner cover stretch marks?

A: It depends on the type of stretch mark you wish to cover. Older stretch marks that have faded to a white or silvery color can usually be covered with self-tanner, while newer purple or red stretch marks will probably be more difficult to cover. It is more difficult for newly injured skin to absorb the tanning solution.

We recommend testing a section of skin with a small amount of self-tanner. Leave the product on for about 8-10 hours and check your results. If you are happy with them, you can use the product on skin with stretch marks.

Q: Can I apply self tanner without a mitt?

A: Yes. You can apply self-tanner without a mitt, but you run the risk of having orange-colored palms. If you choose to do so, be sure to wash your hands after you’ve completed each area of your body. We recommend avoiding the fuss of continual hand-washing and the risk of staining your palms by using a self-tanning applicator mitt.

Q: How do you remove self tanners?

A: The best way to remove self tanners is with a product designed specifically for that purpose, such as our Tan Remover and Primer. It effectively removes sunless tanner and hydrates the skin, preparing if for a fresh self-tan.

Q: Are Selfie® products paraben free?

A: All Selfie tanning products are paraben free.

Q: Does Selfie® have self tanners for dry skin?

A: All Selfie® tanners are enriched with vitamins and moisturizers to hydrate and nourish the skin. If you have dry skin, the Gradual Self-Tanner with 24-Hour Continuous Moisturizers can replace your daily moisturizer.

Q: Will this make me orange?

A: Our formulas are blended with natural bronzers to ensure a golden-brown result. We recommend fair skin tanners to use medium level bronzers versus dark bronzers to eliminate the chances of looking unnatural.

Q: It’s not foaming and dripped everywhere. I want my money back.

A: See Return Policy.

Q: I broke out in a rash; how do I return it?

A: See Return Policy.

Q: Do you offer samples?

A: Unfortunately, we do not offer sample product but offer promotional codes. (YOUGLOWGIRL).

Q: This made me patchy and orange.

A: Sometimes an unbalanced pH level or dry skin can cause patchiness and unnatural tones. We recommend exfoliating prior to sunless application. We also recommend using our Selfie Prep Foam prior to sunless application and can also be used as a removal product.

Q: How do I get this off?

A: To remove sunless tanner, we recommend a soaking in a warm bath and using an exfoliator. Selfie offers a removal foam as well as an exfoliating salt scrub.

Q: I don’t like this, I want my money back.

A: See Return Policy.

Q: I accidentally ordered two, can I return one?

A: See Return Policy.

Q: What’s the difference in all of the different products?

A: Selfie offers multiple sunless tanning products along with instant tanning products and an outdoor SPF collection.
– Our sunless tanning collection consists of sunless mousse in 2 different shades (medium and dark), sunless spray (available in 2 different sizes), and sunless lotions including a transfer-resistant night time sunless lotion, 2-hour sunless lotion, and a gradual tanning lotion.
– Our wash-off body bronzer contains cosmetic bronzing beads in a gel formula to provide an instant tan.
– Our SPF collection consists of two options: SPF 30 Bronzing Spray Gel and
– We also offer after-care, tan extending and prep products. Salty Beach salt scrub is used to remove and prepare skin for sunless application. Sea La Vie is a hydrating tan extender and daily body moisturizer to keep your sunless results lasting longer. We also offer a 2-in-1 Prep Foam and sunless remover that can be used to prepare skin for sunless application and remove off old sunless from skin.

Q: Which one will work best for me?

A: Based on desired results we recommend all of our products to anyone seeking instant and sunless results. We do however have different shades of our mousse and recommend our darkest shade for darker complexion vs our medium shade which is recommended for any skin tone.

Q: The pump isn’t working. (Night Tan & Instant Bronzer)

A: Our pumps are air pressurized and sometimes lose their pressure. In this case, please remove the bottom cap and press upwards on the valve this should pressurize the pump, return bottom cap before continuing to prime the pump.

Q: The spray nozzle is clogged.

A: We recommend running the spray nozzle under warm water to clear out any product buildup and residue. Continue process until spray nozzle is unclogged and spraying a full stream properly.

Q: My product is green and liquid-y.

A: Product shelf life may have reached its expiration and should be discarded. We do our best to ensure expired product is not shipped out to customers and is discarded properly. In the case of a defective item being received we will collect and exchange the item at no extra cost to you. Since our product has a limited shelf life and we cannot guarantee the freshness of any product purchased through a third-party seller (such as Amazon, EBAY, etc.) We will not refund or exchange any product not purchased directly through our website or from an authorized Selfie Glow distributor.