8 Ways to Beautify While You Sleep

We all know we need our beauty sleep. Besides the many health benefits attributed to a good night’s sleep, seven to eight hours of sleep also give you the opportunity to beautify while you sleep.

The skincare routine is moving to after hours with products that work wonders while you sleep. Here are some ideas you can use to beautify yourself while you sleep to be selfie-ready by the morning.

1. Follow the No Makeup Rule

If there is anyone out there not following this rule, shame on you. To beautify your skin while you sleep the first step is to leave no traces of makeup. No matter how tired you are, taking your makeup off is crucial to prevent breakouts and blemishes, not to mention fine lines and wrinkles.

You can use a cleansing oil that works to melt your makeup while cleansing and purifying your skin. If you’re too tired, find some resourceful makeup-removal wipes – they will do the trick just fine.

2. Relax Before Bedtime

If you’re feeling stressed out while you sleep your cortisol levels will be through the roof. If you don’t know, cortisol breaks down collagen, an essential protein that is responsible for our skins elasticity. Luckily for you, there are many ways to relax your body before bedtime.

Take a long bubble bath with essential oils that feature lavender or soothing chamomile to relax your muscles. A calm, soothing body cream is also a good idea to help your body revitalize while you sleep.

3. Work on Your Overnight Skin Routine

It used to be that your skincare routine included morning and night products only. Today, skincare routines are expanding to after hours working on your skin while you sleep. Overnight face masks or overnight moisturizing creams can give your skin a quick glow while you sleep.

Look for creams that contain water-retaining hyaluronic acid and plumping peptides that help hydrate and rejuvenate your skin while you sleep comfortably.

4. Get Your Glow While You Sleep

With our hectic lives, no one has the time to sit at the beach and work on their tan. We all know tanning beds are extremely dangerous. And waiting hours for your self-tanner to work is a hassle on its own. But, our prayers have been heard, now we can work on our glow while we sleep.

Using an overnight self-tanner is the perfect way to wake up with a perfect tan. Choose a formula that contains calming properties like chamomile and lavender to help you sleep like a baby.

5. Enjoy Aromatherapy for Your Pillow

Aromatherapy is a great way to create a healthier, soothing, relaxing environment at home. But, sometimes you don’t want to leave the aromatherapy lamp on all night, but you still want the calming scents to help you sleep better.

Find an aromatherapy pillow spray that contains hints of lavender to help you keep your mind calm and ready for a restorative slumber. Not to mention, it will make you fall asleep much faster.

6. Sleep on Silk Everything

If you haven’t yet, you will after this. Have you ever notice you wake up with marks all over your face every morning? These are pillow wrinkles, and after a while they can become permanent, leaving you with unwanted fine lines.

Here’s where silk pillows, covers, and everything else come in. Switching your cotton linens for silk can have incredible benefits, including, waking up to better hair and avoiding wrinkle formation. Who needs more?

7. Care for Your Soles

Our feet are often neglected when it comes to skincare. In most cases, they seem to be renegaded to the occasional pedicure only. However, we all want smooth feet. Work on them while you sleep and have smooth feet all year long.

Before you go to sleep, slather your feet in petroleum jelly, add some essential oils drops, and wrap them in wool or cashmere socks to keep them warm and moisturized while you sleep.

8. Get No-Heat Waves

Not everyone has the time to curl their hair every morning. But, you can get no-heat curls while you sleep and wake up to a perfect hairstyle. There’s a lot you can do with dry shampoo, some moisturizing hair products, and a braid.

Before bedtime, tie your hair in a tight French braid, sprinkle some dry shampoo over the braid and seal your ends with moisturizing cream. Sleep on it. The next morning, lose the braid and you will have mermaid-perfect waves the following day.

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