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Selfie’s Spray Tan Sealer is formulated to help prolong the life of your Selfie Sunless tan. This unique Spray Tan Sealer is formulated to help produce collagen, and provide the skin with essential vitamins and nutrients that allow for a longer lasting, flawless Selfie Sunless tan! Super fruit antioxidants protect the skin against free radical damage while after tan odor eliminators will help leave you with zero “spray tan smell”.

Product Description

  • Collagen Enhancing & Tan Extending
  • Vitamin Rich Post Sunless Hydrating Color Sealer
  • Rich in Antioxidants, Skin Vitamins & Nutrients
  • 24 Hour Skin Conditioners and After Tan Odor Eliminators

Instant Body Bronzer

Before you start using the Selfie® Instant Body Bronzer self-tanner exfoliate your skin using an exfoliating mitt to buff off dead skin cells and guarantee a streak-free sunless tan that lasts forever.

Squeeze desired amount onto the palm of your hands
Use on clean, fresh skin.
Gently, using circular, blending motions apply the Instant Body Bronzer over desired areas, working one area at a time, until fully absorbed.
Wash hands immediately after application using a gentle soap and water.
Allow skin to dry before direct contact with clothes.
To remove your Instant Body Bronzer tan, wash with a gentle soap and water.

The Instant Body Bronzer formula can be used with your hands or with an applicator mitt. Both will provide a flawless, streak-free glowing bronze tan.

Breakthrough Bronzing Spray

Exfoliate skin prior to use. Apply in a well ventilated area. Hold can 10 inches from body and spray with a quick, continuous sweeping motion — movement helps apply the color evenly.

Do not spray directly on face. Use sparingly around hairlines, hands, feet, knees, elbows and ankles; blend with applicator mitt or hand. Wash hands directly after applying.

Allow 10 minutes to dry before direct contact with clothes or water. Avoid spraying on fabrics, as this could cause discoloration.

When desired color level is reached rinse off. For a deeper tan, reapply.

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Mandarin Mimosa

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