9 ​Most Epic Tan Line Fails

epic fails tan lines

Sometimes you go to the beach thinking you are going to work on your sun-kissed glow. Or even when you don’t have the time to go to the beach and choose to stay at home and give your favorite self-tanner a try. But, you end up with a tan line fail of epic proportions.
Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Sometimes we forget a thing or two about tanning and end up in the most epic tan lines fails list. Like these guys.

The Hand Tan

Even though self-tanners are best applied with an applicator mitt, some people just like to use their hands for applications. However, not all self-tanners are meant to be used this way. If you end up forgetting to wash your hands immediately after applying the sunless tanning lotion, you end up with, well, a tanned hand.

The Sock Tan

Are you one of those people that like to wear high socks at the beach for whatever reason? Well, odds are if you spend enough time outdoors with high socks that you will end up with a sock tan. You know, the one that showcases your perfectly light feet and your golden tanned legs.

If this ever happens to you, just make sure you keep wearing those socks to hide your epic tan line fail. Or even better, get some self-tanner to fix your mistake.

The Flip Flop Tan

Even if you are wearing proper beach attire, like flip-flops, your feet are still vulnerable to the flip-flop tan. The skin on your feet is extremely sensitive, and because it’s thinner sometimes it gets burned faster than the rest of your body. If you like long walks at the beach or park, don’t forget to slather some sunscreen on your feet as well.

The Trendy Tan

We get it, you want to wear your favorite trendy swimsuit to the beach. But, these new styles often come with many straps and different designs that will leave a not-so-pretty tan line. If you are planning on getting a serious tan, or if you know you’ll be spending too much time in the sun, make sure your swimsuit or sports bra is aligned with your tan lines. The ones you want to get, not the weird shapes your stylish swimsuit makes.

The Raccoon Tan

Okay, we’re sure plenty of you guys have been guilty of committing this tanning crime. You go outside, you are at the beach, you slather on sunscreen, but you’re wearing sunglasses. Everyone can spot a raccoon tan from miles away. Your sunglasses might look great in your selfies, but the tan on your face won’t look anything else but funny. Don’t forget to take off your sunglasses or wear a hat to protect your face from burning.

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The Thigh Tan

This one is for those out there who wear long shorts for tanning. Your legs may look crispy golden from the knee down, but once your shorts go up even a quarter of an inch, your winter white thighs are forever exposed. Listen, we’re not saying you have to wear a speedo, although there’s nothing wrong with that.

But, you can give your thighs a little sun exposure while you tan. Or even better, match your color using a sunless tanning lotion back home, no one will be able to tell the difference.

The Crocs Tan

This is probably the most funny-looking epic tan line you can get. Calling all Crocs wearers, if you are planning on taking your Crocs to your next beach trip, you might want to think twice about that. If the sun is too intense, you might end up with a polka dot tan line on your feet.

The Bracelet Tan

This happens every time someone is on vacation or just an avid bracelet wearer. If you are one of them, beware. If you have a bracelet (or more than one), this means they are acting as a sun shield, meaning you won’t get as tanned underneath them. The end result? A bracelet tan that will take some time to fix. Unless, of course, you use a self-tanner to fix your epic tan line.

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The T-Shirt Tan

Some people think wearing a T-shirt while they are at the beach or whenever they know they’ll spend too much time outside, is a good idea. And, in essence, it is. But, when you forget to apply sunscreen to your neck and arms properly, sometimes you are left with an epic tan line. Don’t be that person, you will end up with a sunburned neck and ears and a rather pale torso, not the perfect sun-kissed skin tone you were going for, right?

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