How to Get a Tan Overnight

tan while you sleep overnight

When you have a busy day planned, either before a vacation or a special event, every minute counts. These are the times when it seems like you just don’t have the time get the bronze glow you want.

A self-tanner, such as Night Tan Overnight Sunless Lotion, lets you take care of all your errands and preparation during the day and get beautiful, glowing skin while you sleep. You’ll wake up ready to face whatever events come your way, either pre-planned or spur of the moment.

Remove Old Self-Tanner and Prime Skin for New Tan

Exfoliate to scrub off dead skin and old self-tanner. But don’t go too crazy. Use a product specially formulated to gently remove self-tanner while hydrating and priming the skin for a new application of self-tanner. This will ensure that your skin is ready for a new sunless session. Pay close attention to your elbows, knees, feet, and any other areas that are prone to dryness. As with any self-tanner, dry skin will absorb more of the night tanner and those areas will look darker.

Avoid Shaving Immediately before You Self-Tan

Plan your shaving or waxing for a few hours before you apply tanner so that you don’t irritate your skin. Shaving is great for exfoliating your skin and making it soft, supple, and ready for self-tanning. So definitely shave before you tan. But since shaving also opens pores and creates cuts, don’t shave right before you self-tan.

Stay Cool, Baby

Apply your night tanner in well-lit, cool area. You want to make sure you can see what you are doing. Avoid the hot evening shower, take a cool bath before your night tan to get your skin ready. When you sweat, the gradual tanner can slide off and you can end up with streaks.

Take Special Care of Your Hands

Apply the product with gloves or tanning mitts to protect your hands. Orange palms are definitely not trending. However, if, as I know some of you do, you prefer to use your hands, be sure to wash them immediately after application and scrub, scrub, scrub. A plastic bag or makeup sponge will work in an emergency. Once you’ve completed application and washed and dried your hands, apply tanner to the backs with a makeup sponge or tissue.

Use a Light Hand on Your Face

To keep your tan natural-looking, go lightly on your face. A face that is too tan, blotchy, or streaky is not a cute look. Apply overnight tanner to your face last, and mix it with a little moisturizer to dilute the color. Apply to face and upper neck. You can always use bronzer later, if needed.

Don’t Rush the Drying Process

Don’t try to make the drying process faster by standing in front of a fan or A/C unit or using a blow dryer. This first two can cause your body to produce heat while trying to stay warm, which can cause your a tan to run. And of course, a blow dryer can make you sweat, which can also cause a streaky tan.

Get Up and Glow

Overnight tanners are specially formulated to develop gradually, so you can safely go to sleep and awaken with a healthy glow. You don’t have to time how long you keep it on to control your level of tan. If you want a deeper glow, merely re-apply the next evening. Once you are at the level you want, moisturize regularly and reapply whenever you want to freshen up your tan.

Take Care of Your Tan

Preserve your tan for as long as possible by taking warm showers (not hot), patting dry and moisturizing after you get out. Reapply Night Tan Overnight Sunless Lotion when needed to refresh your tan. Keep your skin hydrated with specially formulated tan perfecting body care.

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